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Point of Sale

Simplify Order management, Automate kitchen and Keep control of cash. Its easy to learn and supports wide range of hardware. Runs in Windows, Linux, Mac and Java supported Tablets.

Computer Repair

From time to time in extreme cases, it is neccessary to bring systems back to the Vazquez Electronics offices.

Security Cameras

We offer Closed Circuit TV video surveillance systems that are designed to meet two objectives: live monitoring of video and documenting past events.


Need a new or repair your videogame? We have all kind of videogames that you want.

Networking Services

When other network IT support companies put you on hold, Our It Department puts you first.

Proffesional Support

Vazquez Electronics IT professionals come to your home or office on your schedule and can fix many hardware problems on the spot.

Desktop security

Our expert Vazquez Electronics IT technicians will thoroughly examine your computer and media for viruses

Service Contracts

Our systems engineers are certified, professional, up-to-date with business technology, and most importantly able to interact with you and your staff in a personable and businesslike manner.


Having a website is the best way to communicate your services and show an original look about your business.


We make apps to create a high experience for your clients or solve problems with an app.

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